Try a Hot Yoga Class at Yoga Aura

Hot yoga touts many benefits beyond those of traditional yoga. The extra heat, which can be anywhere from 80 degrees to more than 100, warms muscles and makes them more malleable and flexible. This allows practitioners to sink into poses more easily, and reduces the risk of injury in the process. Plus, the heat leads to increased perspiration, which can help yogis sweat out toxins. These are a few of the reasons Yoga Aura focuses so heavily on hot yoga classes.

If you’re a newbie to yoga or specifically hot yoga, start at a signature hot Vinyasa class. In a room heated to around 100 degrees, you’ll have the opportunity to master the basic poses of Vinyasa yoga and find your own flow, with the instructor offering modifications for each movement. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, you can simply skip these modifications or check out a Bikram yoga class, which sticks strictly to a pre-determined series of 26 challenging postures. Yoga Aura also offers slower classes focused on breathing and meditation, not working up a sweat.