Sample Something Spicy for Dinner at Payathai Restaurant

Once heavy holiday food is over, lighten up with the food at Payathai Asian Restaurant. This authentic Asian fusion eatery has specialty sushi rolls, curry dishes and other regional favorites that are anything but the seasonal stand-bys. 

Their menu is massive, with everything from rice and noodle dishes, to tons of appetizers, meat, and seafood entrees to choose from. The sushi is a particularly smart way to go if you’re looking for something filling but not so heavy, and Payathai Restaurant has over two dozen specialty rolls in addition to their traditional hand rolled sushi and sashimi. If you go with one of their Thai dishes, be cautious of their heat scale. You can request anywhere from 0 to 5, and they chefs aren’t afraid to make it especially spicy. Payathai Restaurant in Boca Raton is new, but their menu and staff down pat thanks to their years of service in the Atlantis area. Stop in Tuesday through Sunday for lunch or dinner.