Enjoy a Round of Mid-Day Meditation at Yoga Journey

If you step into Yoga Journey’s studio at 12:30 on a Friday, you’ll be met with the sound of silence. This is when a seasoned yoga instructor leads the Mid-Day Meditation. The 30-minute session helps you delve deeper into your practice. You’ll learn how to breathe deeply and calm your mind, ousting any stress and tension along the way.

Meditation is just a small part of what Yoga Journey’s teachers do, but there’s a bit of it folded into every yoga class. The signature Vinyasa class moves at a fast pace, flowing seamlessly from one posture to the next. Each movement is carefully linked to your breath, which allows you to push wayward thoughts out of your mind as you build strength and flexibility. Yoga Journey also offers Yin classes, which require you to hold postures for longer and build up some extra muscle.