Stock Up on Tasty Treats at Cosi Duci Italian Bakery

Head to Cosi Duci Italian Bakery for the next best thing to tasty treats straight from Italy. They have classic Italian baked goods and café-style lunches, all served with a great cause in mind: the bakery was founded in order to raise funds to help find a cure for MS (the owner’s son suffers from the disease). All you have to do to support the cause is to stop in and enjoy something delicious. 

Cosi Duci Italian Bakery is open Tuesday through Saturday until 4 p.m. Pick up some of their artisan cookies and cakes for your next event, or just stock your pantry with authentic sweet treats. If you’re in the area at lunchtime, enjoy hot or cold sandwiches, quiche and frittata, and other savory specialties. Plus, they have a daily lunch special that consists of multiple courses, like Fagioli soup, beef brisket, pasta, and bread for $14.95. You’ll leave feeling with that happy, full feeling like you just had a home-cooked meal.