Fill Up on Pho, Vietnamese Tacos and More at The Red Boat

Though it’s only been open for about a month now, The Red Boat is winning over locals one delicious dish at a time. This  Vietnamese fusion spot is conveniently located on Glades Road, and those who have stopped by for a bite are raving about the quality of the ingredients and the eclectic menu options.

The menu is broken down into a few different sections: the rolls, the dogs, banh-mi, tacos, pho, the boat, kimchi fries, and "other stuff". Wondering what a Vietnamese taco entails? You’ll choose from lemongrass chicken to Korean Bulgogi Beef on tortillas with lettuce, cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon with a signature sauce. The pho and bowl sections of the menu allow you to build your own dishes if you’re looking for something more customizable. Start with a base and add the protein, toppings and sauces you’d like to complete your dish, so everything is completely up to you. Finish your meal with a Vietnamese coffee with jelly boba and you’re sure to leave The Red Boat a happy camper.